About Negerisembilan

Geography - Climate and Weather

Negeri Sembilan like most parts of west Malaysia is generally hot and humid due to the location of Malaysia that is near to the equator. It has a mean temperature ranging from 27 to 30 degrees. It is wet in Negeri Sembilan during the inter monsoon periods which is from April to October. However, during other times of the year, Negeri Sembilan is usually dry with occasional showers.


Shopping Guide

Although Negeri Sembilan is a small state, it has several large shopping malls. One of the more famous shopping malls is Seremban Parade. This is one of the most frequented shopping mall due to its location in the middle of the city. Near to the toll into Seremban, there is also Terminal One which also serves as a bus station. Terminal One is not a very big shopping mall but has the necessary shops in it. There is also the Oceanic Shopping Mall. The newest shopping mall in Seremban would be the Jusco Seremban 2 Mall. It is also the largest shopping mall in Seremban. There are plenty of shops and restaurants. There is also the Jusco food department where fresh vegetables and fruits and other groceries can be bought.

Dining / Restaurant

When speaking of Seremban, the first thing that comes to mind is the Seremban baked pastry (Seremban Siew Pau) with pork fillings. There are also chicken fillings. The pastry of this delight is light, warm and crispy. The fillings are succulent and tasty. They are simply to die for and are great to go together with a hot cup of tea. There is also a famous place to dine for seafood. That would be the Seremban Seafood Village. This a place to go to for some good seafood dishes with your family and friends. Other famous and recommended places to eat would be the Kensington Western Restaurant which is a great place to fulfill your cravings for western food and also Loon Sing Restaurant where they serve the best Chinese cuisine. The restaurant now focuses more on special and reserved dishes. If you do want to dine here, you should make reservations ahead of time.


The most famous place to do outdoor activities would be at the Port Dickson Beach. The beach here is clean and the sand is fine. This place is just perfect for sun tanning, beach volley ball, banana boat, jet skiing, swimming and many more. There are many hotels and resorts along the Port Dickson Beach. Among the famous ones are the Avillion Resort, Thisel Resort and the Eagle Ranch. At the Avillion, the accommodation and the landscaping in the resort will simply blow your mind away. While you are at the resort, you can try the many water sports available at the resort. There are also swimming pools and facilities for fishing and catching crabs at the resort. The Thisel Resort on the other hand is a great place for teambuilding as there are many obstacle courses in the resort. If you love the water, sun and beach, the Port Dickson Beach is the place to be.


The best way to get around in Negeri Sembilan or Seremban would be through your own transport. There are not many choices of public transport here other than taxis and buses. The town of Seremban is quite a small one, thus it would be easy to get around even if you drive around on your own.